Success Stories

Seller Case Study:  Novatti Discovers The Power of Notifications


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Novatti is a global financial transaction software and payment services provider.  Their platform enables telecommunication operators and other alternate payment providers to derive value from digital financial transactions. CEO Peter Cook is a strong proponent of mobile industry collaboration and saw GSMA’s Marketplace platform as a great way to get the firm in front of potential customers with a Seller account.  After Novatti’s Seller profile and virtual storefront were set up on Marketplace, Marketing Manager Adel Shahin became the primary user for the company.  He set up automatic email notifications that tell him anytime a buyer on the Marketplace is looking to purchase anything within the financial services category.  When these notifications come through, Shahin passes them to the Sale Team as new leads or works with the Solutions Architect to see if Novatti can create a proposal. Shahin Says “GSMA Marketplace instantly notifies me of relevant selling opportunities from around the globe. The automatic email notifications gives quick and useful information on the region, product/service category and an easy to digest overview of the customer’s requirements. They definitely save me a lot of time in searching for tenders and RFPs”. If you want to easily monitor global sales opportunities like Novatti, log into your Seller account and set up your automatic notifications in the Preferences section of the Message Centre tab .



Buyer and Seller Case Study:  MOBICO Selects Cytech for mPayments Processing

LOGO_FINAL       mobico

MOBICO is an international content provider that produces interactive web and WAP-based infotainment services for various target markets.  They leverage their position as part of a large advertising holding group to drive web traffic and produce very high conversion rates.

Julia Shtyrlina, a Business Development Director at MOBICO, has the challenge of finding payment processing companies that offer the best service and competitive rates for projects in local markets.  For a venture in the Greece market, she and MOBICO looked to GSMA Marketplace. Ms. Shtyrlina launched an RFP for a payment processing solution on the platform and in short order had 15 companies respond to submit a bid or to learn more.

In reviewing responses to the RFP, MOBICO found the bid from Crete-based Cytech particularly intriguing.  The company develops in-house, comprehensive solutions for mobile messaging, marketing and payments. In addition to competitive prices, Cytech was also offering MOBICO a quality solution with top notch customer service.  Soon Julia Shtyrlina and Nikolas Kokkotas , Business Development Manager at Cytech, were using Marketplace’s Message Centre to discuss the specs and pricing of the project in more details.

Less than 4 months after the launch of the RFP, MOBICO and Cytech agreed to a partnership and ongoing business relationship.  They are in the process of building and launching the Greece project now.  Both sides acknowledge that GSMA Marketplace played a significant role in this success .  For MOBICO, Ms. Shtyrlina commented “GSMA Marketplace is a great way to find partners across the world. Just publish a RFX describing your requirements and get proposals from competent organizations”.  From the Cytech side, Mr. Kokkotas added “GSMA Marketplace is a good environment for lead generation and brand exposure. It offers the opportunity for sellers to contact companies from around the world that are interested in their specific products and services without extensive direct sales efforts”.

To improve your procurement or business development activity in the mobile industry, join great companies like MOBICO and Cytech on the GSMA Marketplace.



Seller Case Study:  AdaptiveMobile Wins New Security Customer using GSMA Marketplace


AdaptiveMobile is a world leader in mobile network security, with their solutions protecting over 1.5 billion subscribers globally.  They are the only mobile security company offering products designed to protect all services on both fixed and mobile networks through in-network and cloud solutions. With headquarters in Dublin and offices around the world, the company’s award winning security solutions provide its customers with advanced threat detection and actionable intelligence, combined with the most comprehensive mobile security products available on the market today.

As a part of their GSMA Mobile World Congress exhibition activities , AdaptiveMobile opened a Gold Seller Account on the GSMA Marketplace in early 2015.  Rod Jones, VP of Product Marketing, says “We saw Marketplace as providing an efficient means to reach a broad set of operator customers across the globe with focused information about our latest products.”  After completing their profile and setting up a Seller Storefront to introduce their company and distribute sales collateral, the company turned their attention to the many live RFX/RFP/RFI that are posted by Buyers on the platform.

In the fall of 2015, AdaptiveMobile received an automatic notification of a new Request for Proposal (RFP) on the Marketplace that matched their selected security product/service categories.  A leading mobile network operator in Europe was in need of a solution to further protect their network from signalling threats. The RFP provided AdaptiveMobile with complete information on the buyer’s needs, requirements and deadlines.  AdaptiveMobile submitted a proposal for the business. Several other Seller companies submitted proposals on the Marketplace.

After the operator reviewed and compared the submitted proposals, the project was awarded to AdaptiveMobile.

Jones says of the experience “GSMA Marketplace’s RFX capability provided a way for us to identify new sales opportunities that could have been missed by our direct or indirect sales teams.  It allowed us to accelerate our response time and helped us win a new customer”.

Since launch, the GSMA Marketplace has hosted over 229 RFP/RFI/RFX worth over $262,000,000.  If your company wants to efficiently find and respond to sales opportunities like these, join AdaptiveMobile on the Marketplace now.


Learn how Bakcell, the largest Operator in Azerbaijan , runs online RFP/RFX/RFI on Marketplace to find new vendors:


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Read how MTC, the largest operator in Namibia, gets great results from RFX on the Marketplace:


MTC is the largest mobile network operator in Namibia with over 2 million subscribers. One component of the company’s success is a strong track record of finding new and innovative suppliers for their procurement activity.  However, their Procurement Department occasionally struggles to get global suppliers to call on them.  To remedy this situation, MTC has turned to GSMA Marketplace.

In November of 2015, MTC needed to purchase a total Business Intelligence solution to help optimize their analytics and corporate strategic planning.  To ensure they got a wide range of competitive quotes, they launched a digital RFP on GSMA Marketplace.  According to Veronica Liberdade, Procurement Officer at MTC, “We were overwhelmed by the result of the RFP…in a good way!”.  They received responses from over 20 Business Intelligence vendors, which allowed them to make the best deal for this major purchase.  Because of this initial success, MTC has launched two additional RFPs on Marketplace (for a device management system and audit/risk management software) and are planning a third RFP soon.

Liberdade sums up the benefit MTC receives from the platform with “GSMA Marketplace enables us to find and get bids from global suppliers who don’t normally focus on our market.  By broadening the pool of bidders, we make sure we are getting the best products and services at competitive prices”.  She continued “We feel comfortable using the Marketplace because it is run by a trusted organization like GSMA”.

To improve the results of your procurement activity in the mobile industry, join MTC on the GSMA Marketplace.


Read how ICT supplier Sogetel makes the most out of their seller account on the Marketplace:


Sogetel is an Italian ICT company offering a complete range of consulting, enterprise and telecom solutions in the field of next-generation software and mobile technologies. They specialise in providing competitive services, consulting and projects in app development, system and network design, device management and other areas.

To find new clients globally, Sogetel is taking full advantage of the GSMA Marketplace. They have created a great looking virtual storefront that includes company branding and downloadable sales presentations. They submitted a detailed company description so new buyers can easily find them in the Company Directory. In addition, Sogetel has also participated in several RFX on the Marketplace for network development and app development. To follow Sogetel’s example of using the GSMA Marketplace to efficiently expand their business development reach to over 600 buyers worldwide, log into your seller account today.


Read how retail leader Coppel used the Marketplace to find a new handset OEM:

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Coppel is one of Latin America’s most successful retailers with over 1,200 stores and a thriving online business. They specialize in selling electronics, clothing, home goods and other items. In fact, they have sold over 9 million mobile devices to consumers.

To find a new supplier for smartphones, Coppel turned to the GSMA Marketplace. They launched a RFI looking for an OEM for dual SIM smartphones with ID-IM and PCBA in-house solutions and compliant with FCC standards. After connecting with some potential vendors on the Marketplace, Coppel has engaged with a leading device manufacturer who meets their rigid quality requirements. Coppel has also decided to extend the RFI longer to find additional potential suppliers in China.

Coppel understands the value that GSMA Marketplace provides by getting their procurement needs in front of over 2,800 sellers worldwide.