Welcome Back to the GSMA Marketplace for Sellers!

We have missed you and want to make sure you are getting full benefit from your Seller Account!

 As you may know, we have experienced significant growth on the Marketplace recently:

  • Over 400 buyers have accounts on the Marketplace
  • Buyers on the Marketplace are actively searching for products and services, including the top search terms of SIM cards, signal repeaters, LTE components, training, billing systems and many others
  •  Over 1,600 suppliers (including your competitors!) are on the Marketplace offering over 900 unique products and services

The key steps to getting your Marketplace account set up and using it:

  1. Add content to your storefront: include some branding, upload a sales brochure or add your company vision statement
  2.  Upload a catalogue: upload your full product/service listing or just add a single generic item so your company will show up when buyers search for your category
  3.  Complete the Company Info tab: select keywords for buyers to search on and then select product/service categories to be associated with
  4.  Connect with buyers: establish a Private Relationship with a buyer to open up communications via the Message Centre
  5.  Respond to digital RFX: efficiently respond to Request for Proposals from buyers who are ready to purchase
  6.  Conduct in-depth research: use the tools and data in the Research Centre to learn more about potential customers or competitors

Next Steps: