How the GSMA Marketplace Works for Sellers


Once sellers open an account, they can immediately begin to use the functionality of the Marketplace to improve their business development activity:

The Company Directory allows sellers to get in front of buyers who are searching for new suppliers using a free form search field or pre-defined product or service categories.  Gold seller accounts get preferred listing on the directory while Platinum accounts get priority listing.

Company Directory

Sellers can also see a listing of buyers on the Company Directory. Platinum seller accounts can see the buyer’s contact information or contact them directly on the Message Centre.

Buyer Directory

The Storefront enables sellers to introduce their company to buyers.  Sellers can describe their company, use custom branding and enter product/service information.  Gold seller accounts have access to additional Storefront templates and can post up to 3 pieces of sales collateral.  Platinum seller accounts can post up to 8 pieces of sales collateral and can also upload videos to their Storefront.


The Product/Service Catalogue lets sellers upload and share details and photos of their offerings. Different versions of catalogues may be posted for specific customers. Gold and Platinum seller accounts also enjoy direct links from their Storefront and Company Directory listing to their Catalogue.


The RFX function lets sellers interact with buyers who have an immediate need to purchase a specific product or service. Once a buyer has launched a public RFP, RFI, RFQ or RFX on the platform, sellers can see the details of the request.  Gold and Platinum sellers can then participate in the RFX by submitting a bid, proposal or information.


Gold and Platinum sellers can attach documents and multimedia presentations to their RFX bid. Buyers then compare proposals and quickly award the business.


The Research Centre allows sellers to do in-depth research and analysis on potential competitors or the entire market.  The Web Visualization Tool enables sellers to view into the “deep web” by seeing the top 500 search results in a heat map format.


The Research Centre also includes access to proprietary data source including those specializing in people, events, published reports, public relations and other topics.


If you have a question about GSMA’s seller directions or would like to talk to a Marketplace Engagement Team member, contact us now.