How the GSMA Marketplace Works for Buyers


Once buyers open a FREE account, they can immediately begin to use the functionality of the Marketplace to improve their procurement processes:

The Company Directory lets buyers search for sellers with a free form search field or pre-defined product or service categories.

Company Directory


The seller’s Storefront lets buyers learn more about the seller.  Here buyers can review sales collateral, watch multimedia presentations, and download documents.


The Catalogue Search scans all suppliers’ product and service catalogues that have been uploaded.  Our search algorithm, which uses buyer-defined criteria,  prioritizes the most relevant results for buyers.


The Narrow Search feature lets buyers filter search results by price or relationship with the seller.  The Compare feature enables buyers to look at up to 5 products side by side to determine the best fit or price.


The RFX function enables buyers to initiate and completely manage digital RFP, RFI, RFQ and RFX on the platform.  Buyers may specify a number of factors for the request, including detailed specifications, required supplier characteristics and fulfillment terms.  The buyer also selects if they want the RFX to be public or only be shown to specific suppliers, who receive a RFX notice in their Message Centre In Box


The Review Proposals function enables buyers to compare offers side by side to determine the best response.  Buyers can also request additional information from suppliers or award the business to a supplier.  For this first version of the GSMA Marketplace, the actual purchase transaction takes place off of our platform (and is a direct agreement between the buyer and seller).


The Research Centre allows buyers to do in-depth research and analysis on potential suppliers, products/services or even an entire market.  The Web Visualization Tool enables buyers to view into the “deep web” by seeing the top 500 search results in a heat map format.


The Research Centre also includes free access to proprietary data source including those specializing in people, events, published reports, public relations and other topics.


If you have a question or would like to talk to a Marketplace Engagement Team member, contact us now.