Current Activity on the Marketplace

Since launching in February 2015, the GSMA Marketplace has grown rapidly and now has over 720 BUYERS and 4,010 SELLERS on the platform.

So what are these procurement and business development professionals doing on the Marketplace? According to the statistics below, they are doing a whole lot of business:

Requests for Proposal or Information (RFX)

Over 310 RFX worth over $273,000,000 USD in value have launched on the Marketplace in the last several months  A sample of the products and services that buyers have been looking to purchase:

  • Application development for buyer in China
  • S7 firewall for buyer in Northern Europe
  • Base station antennas for an operator in Asia
  • Entry level Andriod smartphone for use in Africa
  • Build new intranet for buyer in Central Asia
  • 3G Android phones for buyer in France
  • Smartphones for children for buyer in Asia
  • Device management RFI for a buyer in Africa
  • Batteries for base station for buyer in Asia
  • Prepaid SIM cards for buyers in multiple countries
  • Mobile money platform for a buyer in Asia
  • Object storage consultancy for a buyer in Europe
  • Phone OEM needed for major retailer in Latin America
  • E-book application for buyer in SE Asia
  • Business intelligence system for a buyer in Africa
  • White label 3G flip phone for use in Asia
  • Alcatel OCB spares for a buyer in Europe
  • Digital music content for buyer in SE Asia
  • IOT semiconductors for a buyer in Asia

Product/Service Categories

The GSMA Marketplace is designed to cover all products and services that may be bought or sold by companies in the mobile or telecom industry.  Proof of this is the wide range of categories now being offered, including the most popular:

  1.  Mobile Enterprise Solutions/Services
  2. Cloud Services
  3. Mobile Advertising/Marketing
  4. Consulting/Engineering Services
  5. Systems Integration
  6. Data Analysis
  7. App Development – General
  8. Devices
  9. Location Technologies/Services
  10. Mobile Security Systems
  11. LTE Network Infrastructure
  12. Consumer Electronics (CEM)
  13. Mobile Payments/Remittances
  14. Network Management
  15. Messaging
  16. M2M / Telemetry Systems
  17. Monitoring Systems/Equipment
  18. Mobile Health Services/Solutions
  19. Fraud Management and Solutions
  20. Business Support Systems (BSS)

Buyer Search Terms

So what are the 720 buyers on the Marketplace actually looking to buy?  See below for the top product/service search terms:

  1. sim cards
  2. mobile
  3. antenna
  4. LTE
  5. training
  6. iphone
  7. phone
  8. roaming
  9. samsung
  10. smartphone
  11. nokia
  12. big data
  13. handsets
  14. m2m
  15. IoT
  16. keychain
  17. oracle
  18. repeater
  19. signalling
  20. services

As you can see, there is a ton of activity going on the Marketplace right now.  So why is your company not benefiting from this?  Take the appropriate next step now:

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