Buyer’s Privacy

With the competitive and fast-moving nature of the mobile industry, GSMA understands that a company’s procurement activity needs to be private and confidential.   We have built the GSMA Marketplace to allow a significant amount of buyer privacy, while still maintaining the benefits of a marketplace:

  • We never share contact information
  • We allow anonymous RFP/RFI//RFX
  • We never share identifiable transaction data
  • We protect your data

See below for details:

  •  While a buyer’s company must be listed on the Marketplace to participate, no buyer contact information is displayed on the Marketplace unless authorized by the buyer
  • We never share any buyer contact information to any outside party
  • Buyers have the ability to send RFP/RFI/RFXs anonymously on the Marketplace
  • Buyers have the ability to select which buyers on the Marketplace will be sent their RFP/RFI/RFX
  • We will never share with a third party any transactional data (including information from RFP/RFI/RFXs, product/service/seller search or research performed on the Marketplace) that is specific to an individual company or that may be used to identify a buyer company.   We may share this type of data in an anonymous and aggregated format, which would include data from many buyers and/or sellers and could not be used to identify any single company’s activity on the Marketplace
  • GSMA will take appropriate steps to protect all data and contact information that is stored in or generated by the Marketplace from any unauthorized parties

See the full Terms and Conditions of the GSMA Marketplace now.

If you have a question about GSMA buyer’s privacy or would like to talk to a Marketplace Engagement Team Member, contact us now.