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In addition to making procurement more efficient for the mobile and telecom industry, we want the GSMA Marketplace to become a go-to destination for the latest in interesting and compelling content related to sourcing and purchasing.  See below for the most recent articles, videos and infographics that we think may be of interest to buyers:


2017 GSMA Marketplace – Procurement Survey

During Mobile World Congress 2017 GSMA Marketplace conducted our annual procurement survey.

The survey polled 446 people from 68 countries representing 397 organisations with a combined procurement spend of over $8.9 billion. View the survey.


2017 GSMA Marketplace Procurement Seminar Highlights

Don’t have time to watch the entire Procurement Seminar? View our video highlights from the seminar

Sprint View of Role of Procurement

STC View of Role of Procurement

Airtel View of Role of Procurement

Ericsson View on Digital Procurement

Airtel Helping Small Companies Digitize

Sprint View of AI Impacting Procurement

Airtel wanting Partners vs. Suppliers

STC Developing Local Suppliers

Ericsson Managing Suppliers

Airtel View of Important Procurement Stakeholders

Airtel Procurement Transformation – Customer Needs

Ericsson Procurement Transformation – Cost to Value


Procurement Seminar Report from MWC-Shanghai

seminar photo

In Shanghai we continued our series of procurement seminars focusing on “Best Practices for Procurement in the Mobile Industry”. This edition featured senior leaders from Ericsson, Nokia and Roshan.  They discussed how they optimize the purchasing functions at their companies both now and in the future.  Read the full report of the seminar now: GSMA Marketplace Procurement Seminar Report June 2016


The GSMA Marketplace Blog: Thoughts from Experts in Procurement


Check out our new blog entry entiled “Pokémon GO Drives Augmented Reality Opportunity” written by Julian Bishop, General Manager, GSMA Marketplace. Read the blog now: Pokemon GO Blog



MWC Buyer Seminar: Best Practices for Procurement in the Mobile Industry

At Mobile World Congress, the Marketplace hosted a Buyer Seminar entitled “Best Practices for Procurement in the Mobile Industry”. The panel featured senior procurement leaders from two MNO’s as well as the Chief Procurement Officer from Nokia. They shared some great insights on a wide range of topics including vendor selection, quality standards and innovation. Watch the entire seminar video now:



Research Report: The State of Procurement in the Mobile Industry

The GSMA Marketplace team is proud to publish the first ever research report focused on procurement in the mobile industry.  With 125 procurement professionals participating in the survey, the report offers a broad perspective into the successes, issues and challenges facing those who lead purchasing in our ecosytem.  Download your free copy of The State of Procurement in the Mobile Industry report or the infographic summary below.

(Click on thumbnail image to download)

Report-Thumbnail    Infographic-Thumbnail

MWC-Shanghai Buyer Seminar: Best Practices for Procurement in the Mobile Industry

At Mobile World Congress-Shanghai, the GSMA Marketplace hosted a seminar entitled “Best Practices for Procurement in the Mobile Industry”.  The session featured four procurement experts giving their opinions on how to improve sourcing and purchasing in the mobile ecosystem, including how to find and manage new vendors.  The seminar ends with a brief demo of the GSMA Marketplace.